Add Yards to Your Golf Shots!
When a 2-Time World Long Drive Champion Promises to Show You How to Add 20 Yards in 21 Days, You Listen.

Well, at least I did... and I gained 40 yards!


I was playing in leagues, outings, and playing as much competitive golf as I could.
Then the 2008 Real Estate market crashed and I got out of Real Estate and stopped playing golf.

But the passion never died.

I took a factory job and couldn't afford to play so I got a range membership.

I hit a bucket of balls every weekday on my way home from work. I figure that if all I did was strengthen my weakness (driving), my scores would be lower when I got back into the game.

So I went online for some inspiration.

I watched a bunch of videos, read a bunch of articles, dove into the forums, etc.

They all helped but none of them gave me the real answer I was looking for... How do I crush it?

I don’t want to just add 10 yards, I want to blow by my buddies... while at the same time, beating them on score.

So, I had to find someone who could teach me distance 

AND accuracy.

I found him. He was a long drive champion…


Through his program, I learned the fundamentals of the long shot and how to keep the swing in balance so you are not losing accuracy.

After taking up his challenge, I practiced for 21 days in a row, just hitting 1 bucket of balls. I was excited when I saw my ball flying on a perfect trajectory and landing at the 260 yard mark and rolling out to the 280 mark…

On average!

I actually had some landing at the 300 yard mark and rolling out to 330.

It was unbelievable!

I have created a training to show you how to hit the ball farther. 
It ended up being 20 pages that are easy to read, easy to understand, and will cause you to hit the ball farther in less time practicing, with less effort.

Some of the concepts are complex and so I have boiled it down to just the most crucial. Just the most important elements that will take you from where you are to adding 10% or more to your drives.

This is the 80/20 of the 80/20.

If 20% of golf wisdom produces 80% of the result you are looking for... then this is the 5% of tips that produce 64% of the result you are looking for.
This means that in record time, you can make a HUGE difference in your game.
My system is so simple that anyone can read it in one sitting and implement it right away. In fact, you can take this information and pick up 10 yards today.

This is information that PGA tour players and teachers use. I have been through hundreds of hours of lessons not to mention thousands of dollars in education costs.

I don’t want you to go through that pain.

If my daughter ever gets serious about golf, this is where I will start her.

Most people just don’t know this stuff. They go to the range and bash balls or take a tip from the Golf Channel and practice on the course, but they never stop to think about what causes a ball to go farther.

And now I am building my game around something reliable...
and so can you.
What I learned in those 21 days, will serve me for the rest of my golfing career and it can serve you too!
I have created a training to show you how to hit the ball farther. 

I have combined the very best from lessons I have learned from PGA teachers, a former PGA tour player, and of course a 2 Time Long Drive Champion.
One thing I have noticed in life is that we each have our own set of experiences. If I listen to 1 person and get their opinion, it may or may not be best for me.

Then, if I go to another person and he/she has the same opinion... I will put more weight into the opinion.

If I go to a 3rd person, and they say the same thing... I will loosely take it as fact.

Then over a long period of time, patterns will emerge to support the new belief, and it becomes my truth.

I apply the same principle to my golf game.

I have read dozens of books on golf and when they all agree on something that is counter-intuitive, I believe it... and I realize it is just me... I don't know what I don't know and if I make this change, my game will improve.

When 1 author says something, and another author says something the opposite... I think "they both have different experiences, they both are telling the truth, but either or both of them could apply to me... there is no need to take a side".

So when I created this training... I did not write about opinions.

If my long drive teacher, my local teacher, the Golf Channel, Golf Digest, etc all agree that balance is important, than I am going to make sure to incorporate that into my game.

So I created a manual for myself... and for you... with all of the most important principles about distance and accuracy.

This is the shortcut I wish I had when I got started in golf.
This is a series of truths that are irrefutable.
And you can't get them by searching online... unless you have a couple of weeks to weigh out dozens of opinions.
That is what I DID.
I dove deep...
I sought the truth.
And now I know the truth.

When you combine the law of physics with biomechanics and then you translate that into plain English you get a training that is easy to understand, practical, and effective.

If you follow this plan, you can be hitting longer drives that are more likely to hit the fairway on your very next outing with your buddies.

Imagine one month from now…

You added a ton of yards, you are hitting more fairways, and your buddies are asking you how you did it?

How does that feel?

This is a skill that you will learn... that will serve you for the rest of your life.

You can teach your family and friends if you want. It is not a PGA teaching session where you are working on one move or the other, this is more macro than that. You are going to learn what to think about and why. You are going to learn how to practice, how to position the ball, how to setup properly, and other simple changes that most golfers don't think about.

Once you are done with my training, you will be more confident walking up to the 1st tee. At least, that is what happened to me. I no longer have the 1st tee jitters. In fact, I get excited about the first tee now. I know that I have a much better chance of outhitting my opponents while landing in the fairway that I almost feel like a show-off now. I don’t like to show-off but the reality is, I get a lot of “ooohs” and “aaahs” now.

How would you like to be in that position 1 month from now?

What if you only picked up 10 yards but you increased the probability of landing in the fairway by 20%?

Would it be worth it?

Heck, you can accomplish THAT today.

I am not a trained golf expert, but I have learned a few things and spent countless hours practicing and learning from PGA teachers. I shoot in the low 80s and have broken 80 several times. My long drive is 360 yards which I know because I won a long drive contest at an outing. The reason I say these things is just to let you know that I have actually achieved the results that I teach in this program. Now, I am going to give you the shortcut.

If you invest in my training, you will…
  •  Add at least 10% to your drives
  •  Finally use the same iron as the long hitters
  •  Enjoy your rounds more without the pressure of always being the shortest hitter
  •  Improve tempo, timing, and style
  •  Hit the ball longer with less effort
  •  Hit the fairway more often
  •  Finally out-drive that friend who looks down on you 
  •  Eliminate the embarrassment of using your driver on par 3s
  • Win long drive contests 
  •  Shoot lower scores 
  •   Enjoy the game more 
  •  Be able to teach your loved ones a simple way to add yards and accuracy to their golf shots
What would you normally expect to pay for a training like this?
A lesson usually runs in the neighborhood of $50 and there are at least 5 lessons wrapped into this training. 

That’s $250 in value. 
The extra time you would have to devote to lessons would easily be an extra 10 hours, so that’s more than a day you save by using my training. 

If you make $50 per hour, that’s $500 you would pick up.
And, you can’t put a price on game improvement. How much would it be worth to you if you could regularly beat your buddies off the tee box? Priceless.
If you add that all up, you can see how it is worth over $500 for this information. But thanks to technology, I can make it available digitally for the price of a sandwich...
I have spent over 100 hours getting lessons and practicing long drive techniques. That has resulted in drives that WOW my friends. I am going to teach you everything I know for a lousy $7.

No need to hire a long drive coach, no need to buy any expensive DVDs, no need to spend countless hours sifting and sorting through all of those trainings to see what works, just grab my training and in record time, start hitting the ball farther and straighter.

And if you are already a golf nut like me and have gone through this process, you will pick up some nuggets of gold that make it a no brainer.

I have done all the heavy lifting for you, all that is left for you to do is buy my training.

Technology allows me to deliver it digitally.
This is not a profit center for me. I am only trying to recover ad costs.
I want you to have success with this information and come back to me and share your experience.
This is the "shortcut" to success because it is only 20 pages long.

I assume you are a busy person, so I have purposely made this manual real easy to understand and just gave you the guts of what you need to know... the same practice strategies I learned from a 2 time world long driving Champion... the same fundamentals I learned from a former PGA tour player and the same secrets that a top 50 PGA teacher taught me on how to swing like the big boys... all wrapped up into 1 neat little package designed to get you hitting the ball longer and straighter in record time.

No fluff... just great information that you can implement right now.

An average reader can consume this in 1 hour, head to the driving range and within a few hours from now, be hitting the ball longer and straighter than ever before.

If not, simply write me at and I will refund your investment within 1 business day, no questions asked.

In fact, you have 30 days to test it out.
If for any reason, you are unhappy over the next 30 days, I will refund your money.

The amount of strokes you will save in your first couple of rounds, will more than pay for the book by itself, both in showing your buddies how much you have improved in such a short period of time... but also because the amount of money you would spend in lessons alone would cost over $1,000.

All for only $7.

You can pay direct with your credit card or via PayPal.

Your payment method is secure either way.
Simply click the buy now button below and we hope to hear about that great drive that you blew 30 yards past your buddy real soon.
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